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C- re- aid: change research architecture innovation design

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Sub-Category NGO
Sector Industry and Manufacturing, Real Estate, Other
Target Group Businesses / NGOs, Low Income People, Middle Income People, Artists, Designers, Tanzanian Market, International Market, Rural Areas, Urban Areas, Youth (under 35 years old)

Through experience and analysis we identified in Tanzania

  • A rapid changing building culture, due to modern influences, climate change and environmental policies. These factors lead to poor building qualities and living situations.
  • Poor living situations are contributing to the vulnerability to fall into poverty.
  • Use of unecological materials will have disastrous consequences for the environment as people will always need more housing and infrastructure.

Through architectural projects we aspire a place where people are creatively inspired within a hand reach to participate in an affordable, ecological and sustainable building culture. Architecture is much more than a tool to merely enhance material condition!

By introducing a more sustainable and affordable building method, we strongly believe our projects have the ability to trigger social and economical change in a poverty stricken region. In this way, C-re-aid reaches their goals and by doing so also contributes on achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.