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CRS- Catholic Relief Services Grundfos

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Sub-Category NGO
Sector Water and Sanitation (WASH), Healthcare
Target Group Low Income People, Tanzanian Market

Our water programming improves water security for rural communities by working at three levels – household, community and sub-catchment/basin. Our WASH programming emphasizes activities that contribute to the improved health of individuals and communities, such as excreta disposal, hygiene education and sanitation promotion through a community-led total sanitation approach. In addition to the household level, we work at the community level to improve the commercial sustainability of community owned water systems through reduction of non-revenue water. CRS employs an approach that combines introduction of innovative pre-paid water systems and solar technology to reduce costs and improve performance and transparent revenue collection, as well as building of organizational and management capacity. This approach positions the community owned utility to become commercially viable and operating in a way that promotes sustainable community access to improved water sources. In addition to the household and community levels, CRS works at the basin level. To address increasing water scarcity, CRS engages the community to educate them on the importance of integrated water resource management, and facilitates the creation of multi-stakeholder platforms that link with the basin authorities and local government officials. These platforms aim to assess, plan, prioritize and implement the development, management and monitoring of water resources within the basin.