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Data Lab

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Sub-Category Hub (including co working space)
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Target Group Businesses / NGOs, Government ministries, departments or agencies, Technology Developers, Students, Youth (under 35 years old), Women and Girls

The Tanzanian Data Lab (dLab) is an open working space where data from multiple sectors and sources can be combined, processed, and shared to drive better policies and decision-making.
The dLab is a center of activity, connecting the data revolution to national priorities, global commitments and diverse programs and investments. It serves as an anchor for the Data Collaborative for Local Impact (DCLI) program, enabling data analysis and use to become more prominent in decision making in Tanzania. The dLab activities include training in data literacy and analysis, focused content-area data analytics, and the development of “use cases” to showcase how data can be used to improve lives. The dLab will support the development of a roadmap, assisting the country to monitor progress toward meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).