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Intermech Engineering Ltd

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Sub-Category Start up business / SMEs small to medium size business
Sector Industry and Manufacturing
Target Group Businesses / NGOs, Low Income People, Middle Income People, High Income People, Engineers, Tanzanian Market, International Market

The company offers a wide range of services including engineering design, manufacturing,  machinery installation and plant commissioning. Their main focus is the manufacture of agro and food processing machinery and equipment.

The vision of IEL is to be a leader in innovation,  development,  and manufacture of Post Harvest Processing  Machinery in East and Central Africa.

The mission of Intermech Engineering Ltd is: the application of science and technology to design,  develop and manufacture quality products and innovative systems that enhance the quality of life.

Intermech Engineering was established in 1994 as a subsidiary of Intermech Ltd,  a trading organization that represented British firms in Energy,  Sugar and Precision Measurement fields. The company was established to run an Engineering workshop located at 81/E Kihonda Industrial Estate in Morogoro Municipality having
acquired the Engineering facility from Small Industries Development Organization (SIDO) in 1993. The company deals with manufacturing of engineering products and specializes in the manufacture of post harvest processing machinery.