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Molly’s Network

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Sub-Category Network organisation
Sector Other
Target Group Businesses / NGOs

Molly’s Network offers a number of services, all of which are focused on strengthening local organisations; identifying highly effective non-profits; bridging the gap between overseas donors and local partners and creating more impactful projects.

We specialise in the following:

Assessments: our organisational assessments support small, local NGOs working at a community level to better understand and improve their operations. The assessments review all areas of organisational management and oversight (legalities and governance; strategy and purpose; reputation and due diligence; financial management; growth, monitoring and evaluation) thus helping these organisations identify their strengths and weaknesses and highlighting the areas in need of improvement.

Capacity building support: we provide tailored support to local organisations which have the potential to become more effective. Molly’s Network has a pool of expert consultants, both local and international who offer a variety of organisational management skills, from accounting to strategy development. We manage and monitor the capacity building process, ensuring high quality work is produced from both our consultants and the local organisation.

Identification of local partners: we can support companies to identify exciting and impactful local organisations who are in need of funding by researching potential partners through our connections in specific thematic and geographic areas of interest.

Impact assessment: Molly’s Network can offer an independent analysis of the success of existing projects. Molly’s Network would initially conduct a desk-based analysis of the project and thereafter conduct an in-person project review to verify and validate the impact recorded in the reports.

Monitoring and support visits: for a ‘lighter touch’ we can conduct regular monitoring visits and write in-depth reports for companies/organisations which detail findings and recommendations of specific funded projects.