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Pecaw Group

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Sector Industry and Manufacturing
Target Group Businesses NGOs, Low Income People, Middle Income People, Engineers, Rural Areas, Urban Areas

PECAWGROUP Is a group of four young men dealing with plumbing, electrical, carpentry and welding activities, designing different kinds of products according to markets needs. They use a cooperative method to address market needs in these technical skills.

PECAW Group stands for Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry
and Welding Group formed on 22nd of December 2014 by group of youth who graduated between 2013 and 2014 from Mtwara Regional Vocational Training and Service Centre – commonly known as VETA Mtwara. The group is formed by 20 members from 4 areas of trades where each trade has a total of 5 members.

These VETA graduants of 2013 (for welding) and 2014 (for electrical, plumbing and carpentry) were among the graduants who enjoyed the project (enhancing employability through vocational training, EEVT, with special focus in gas industry) the project that is implemented by three partners namely VETA, Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO Tanzania) and BG Tanzania who also are funding the project. These young artisans were inspired by the EEVT project which apart from improving vocational skills in craftsmanship to meet international standards, the project also aimed at making sure youth are self-employable wherever possible.

In the mid of unemployment and the challenges regarding experience to get jobs, on 22nd December 2014, a group of 20 vocational graduants joined their forces to embark the challenges of unemployment. Under the mentorship of VSO through their Project Manager based in Mtwara and VETA Mtwara Entrepreneurship teacher, these young people jointly and with one voice agreed to join forces in four selected areas of plumbing, electrical, carpentry and welding to look for self-employability. This was the beginning of PECAW group which among other things it aims at taping any potential opportunities available as the result of gas industry but also other operations/activities going around in Mtwara region.

The group therefore deals with construction activities and engineering in the areas of plumbing & pipe fitting works, electrical installation & maintenance works, construction carpentry & joinery works and welding & fabrication works. PECAW Group is humbly asking all companies, business enterprises and individuals to support our initiative by giving us all works related to the trades. We believe we can deliver the best services and products for your satisfaction.