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Restless Development

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Sub-Category NGO
Sector Education, Healthcare, Entrepreneurship Promotion
Target Group Youth (under 35 years old)

To see young people taking a leadership role in addressing the most urgent issues facing their countries and the world, supported fully by their governments, their communities, businesses and civil society institutions.


There are currently 900,000 young people entering the job market in Tanzania every year, with only 4% successfully completing secondary level education, we recognise the importance of young people being able to escape poverty via self-employment.

Civic Participation

This programme represents a pilot initiative to build a sustainable presence of youth led networks on the grounds motivated and equipped with the technical skills to drive citizen demand for greater accountability.

Sexual Heath and Rights

We recognise Tanzania’s population is the 10th youngest worldwide with 47% of Tanzania being under 15. Despite this, adolescent girls in Tanzania face a multitude of challenges while pursuing their education.