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Get into the mapping mode

  1. Clicking add stakeholder button
  2. Click anywhere on on the map to drop a pin
  3. Drag the pin that appears to the exact location

Pro Tip

To map with confidence, take a look at the ecosystem page and familiarize yourself with the players and language of the innovation ecosystem.

Search for a stakeholder's location

  1. Clicking add stakeholder button
  2. Click search bar at the top
  3. Enter stakeholder's location and press enter

Pro Tip

If you know a stakeholder's exact coordinates, just enter them in the location search box and we'll help you locate them on the map.

Fine tune the location

  1. Switch to satellite mode for picture like view
  2. Zoom in to a few times till you start to see buildings
  3. Place the marker on stakeholder's building

Pro Tip

If you drag the map till the marker goes out of view, click center marker to bring it to the center or just click the map where you want the marker to be.

Tell us about the stakeholder

who they are, what they do, tell us everything

First up, classify the stakeholder

  1. We've broken down stakeholders into 9 groups.
  2. If you're unsure on how to classify a stakeholder, take a moment to read about the 9 classifications.
  3. Hubs and support institutions will also require a type.

Pro Tip

When in form filling mode, you can drag the location marker to go back to pick location mode, the details you've already entered will be there when you return.

Next, fill in the basic details

  1. Stakeholder's name and year founded
  2. A short description of the stakeholder
  3. Website, contact email and logo

Pro Tip

The physical address, region and district are auto filled when you set the location on the map, if the values are incorrect you can change them manually.

And finally, tell us the rest...

  1. Innovation types and stages covered
  2. Development sectors involved in
  3. Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) attended

Pro Tip

It's quite common that stakeholders cover one more of these fields, so you'll notice that wherever it's relevant you'll able select multiple choices.

And that's it, you're done

You'll see a nice little confirmation message like the one below.


You've successfully mapped Kwayu AI Mills
to Manyoni Mjini, Singida.

You don't have permission to view that page.

Success Kingori Farmers mapped to King'ori Kilimanjaro